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load internal page
call external page
dialouge defined attributes link
dialouge window data role
data themes
create a theme

Buttons : click to open / close

simple button
button using old html
buttons with icons
icons right and below
icons no text
button width
buttons side by side
buttons with themes

List : click to open / close

simple lists
list with links
numbered list with links
separators in lists
search in a list
display counter
include an image
change list icons
list with round images
theme a list

Tables : click to open / close

table with two columns
array of several columns
several rows in a table
buttons in table
customize table
using css styles

Input Fields : click to open / close

input fields
selection list
selection list multiple
selections mult and icons
radio buttons

Toolbars : click to open / close

header and footer
fixed toolbars
fullscreen mode
buttons in header
buttons in footer
use nav bars
icons in nav bars
persistent footer